Sunday, September 3, 2017

Week 4

Welcome to another short week in first grade. Hope you are all having a wonderful Eid break with family and friends. Last week we enjoyed our first house event. The students learnt their house cheer and then gave a great performance.
Red House practicing their cheer.
Thank you to all the first graders who put their bags so neatly before the house event. Please parents encourage your child to place their bag neatly on the colored tape for their class.
1M - Blue

1S - Red
1C - Green

Help us to stay safe by placing your backpack in the correct spot!

What will we be learning this week?


This week during readers workshop students will continue to build stamina and learn to be independent while they are learning how to be great readers.

Teaching Point 8 - Students will learn to make movies in their minds before they start reading a book. They look at the title, the pictures and the words and think about how the book might go.
Teaching Point 9 - Students will hold in their minds the movie they created. Then as they read they think, "Does each page match what I thought?"
Teaching Point 10  - Students will learn to look at the title and the pictures and think about the kinds of words they might see in the book.


This week during writers workshop we will continue learning how to write small moment stories.

Teaching Point 6 - Writers have partners that help them to be even better writers. Students will use their partners to help them plan by telling each other their stories, using the exact words they will write.
Teaching Point 7 - Writers go from being the writer to being the reader, and when they hear mistakes they fix that part.
Teaching Point 8 - Students will learn how to make their stories come to life. They will unfreeze their characters by making them move and talk.

Writing Folders

Thank you to all the first grade parents who have sent photos to decorate writing folders. This is going to assist the students greatly when thinking of ideas to write "small moment stories".


5-group cards
Lesson 9 - Students will learn to solve math word problems by drawing, writing equations and making statements about the solution.

Lesson 10 - Students will learn to solve math word problems by drawing and using 5-group cards.

Lesson 11 - Solve math word problems with "change unknown" to practice counting on by drawing, writing equations and making statements about the solution.


Your child's Mathletics account is activated and is a great way for our first graders to practice their math fluency and concepts that have been taught in the classroom. We recommend just ten minutes a day.


During science this week students will come to a conclusion about what plants need to survive. 

They will continue their inquiry about how to grow plants in Egypt. On Wednesday we have an expert gardener visiting where students will learn about plants and get the opportunity to ask their questions.


Please help your child be organized and return their math homework this week Tuesday. We would love any feedback about how your child got on with their homework.
How did they feel about doing their homework?
Were they able to complete it independently ?

Also remember your child should be bringing a new reading book home each day. If this is not happening please let your classroom teacher know. The book may be a leveled book that your child can read or a classroom library book that they may ask you to read to them.

Elementary Banners


Banners are due this week!
Students are invited to draw, paint, sew or image their self portrait on a banner provided by the school. The self portrait banners will be displayed around the Elementary school to celebrate each of us and our school community.
Please submit banners to classroom teachers by Tuesday, September 5.

ES Photo Week

During the of  September 11- September 14 a professional photographer will photograph each student individually as well as take a class group photo. Parents will have the option of selecting one of the packages outlined on the envelope that will be sent home this week.
To order photographs, write your child’s name and class code on the envelope and check the package you would like to order. It is necessary to fill out a SEPARATE ENVELOPE FOR EACH CHILD IN YOUR FAMILY. Please include the money in the envelope and send it back to school in your child's take home folder before the day of their photograph.
1S - Monday, September 11
1C - Wednesday, September 13
1M - Wednesday, September 13

Important Dates

September 5 - No assembly
September 5 - ASA session 1 schedules sent by email.
September 5 - Self portrait banners are due
September 6 - Sunday schedule (Please help your child be prepared if they have PE or swimming)
September 10 -14 - ES Photo week
September 21 - Islamic New Year holiday (No school for students)
September 28 - Health records due to the health office

f you have any questions or feedback for the first grade team please don't hesitate to contact us.

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