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Week 6 September 17th - September 21st

Welcome to another great week of learning in first grade. This week will be a short week due to the Islamic New Year holiday on Thursday, September 21st.

Some of the highlights from First grade last week.
First Grade Planting.

Math Fluency Games

Talon welcomed us to assembly

Reading Partnerships

Assembly & House Event School Bag Reminder:

Please parents continue to encourage your child to place their bag neatly on the colored tape for their class each Tuesday morning when we either have assembly or a house event.

1M - Blue

1S - Red
1C - Green

Help us to stay safe by placing your backpack in the correct spot!

What will we be learning this week?


This week our first grade readers will be delving into more books with their reading partners. Each partnership will be helping each other with decoding strategies, and learning the different ways to talk to each other about their books, in particular how to help each other when you get to a confusing part in the story or a tricky word.

Teaching Point 15 - Students will learn that partners take turns sharing their books. They will learn the different ways they can read with their partner such as 'echo' reading, one read/the other read/ or chorus reading.
Teaching Point 16 - Students will learn that reading partners make sure each person doesn't miss anything in their books. They will learn to check each other for meaning in case they are confused.
Teaching Point 17  - Students will learn that partners help each other partner to understand tricky words or confusing parts.
Teaching Point 18 -  Students will revisit all the things they can talk to their reading partner about in their books such as funny parts, scary parts, sad parts or confusing parts.


First grade writers continue to work on their small moment stories: generating ideas, planning, writing, rewriting, revising and editing. During this time they are reviewing and writing sight words, and using punctuation (capital letters and end marks) to lend clarity to their sentences. Stretching an idea over several pages can be challenging, but in first grade the writers are learning that small moment stories can be elaborated upon by using descriptive language and by using details to describe time, place, character and feelings.

Teaching Point 13 - Students will learn that using capital letters and end marks helps their readers to understand and follow their stories.
Teaching Point 14 - Students will learn how to make their stories special using different 'craft' moves such as descriptive writing, different sized text, or using different shaped words to give meaning to their story.
Teaching Point 15 - Students will try out craft moves from model texts such as telling the exact actions of characters in their stories.
Teaching Point 16 - Students will try out different craft moves they learnt yesterday in their own writing.


Lesson 16 - Find the unknown part to solve different number sentences.

Lesson 17 - Understand that 2 different pictures can equal the same amount. 

Lesson 18 - Continue to understand the equal sign by pairing equivalent expressions and constructing true number sentences.
Lesson 19 - Understand the commutative property where the same story with the same addends can be constructed in 2 different ways.

Topic E Parent Tips


Your child's Mathletics account is activated and is a great way for our first graders to practice their math fluency and concepts that have been taught in the classroom. We recommend just ten minutes a day.

Parent FYI you can also download the mathletics app onto your devices that your child can use at home. 


During science this week students will continue to record the changes they see taking place outside in their garden. Emphasis will be placed on each student  making accurate measurements with rulers and labeling pictures and recording observations using scientific language. Students will learn more about the different parts of a plant and how to accurately draw a plant and label each plant part using rulers and the correct language.

How to encourage your child to get a good nights sleep?

A good night's sleep is incredibly important for children's health. In fact, it is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. These days with such busy schedules children are, at times, not getting enough sleep to perform to their fullest potential at school. 

Please click on the following article to read what you can be doing at home to encourage a good nights sleep for your child:
A Good Nights Sleep

Counseling Corner

Our guidance lessons are going to shift from the Skills for Learning unit to the lessons on Empathy. First grade are learning about their own feelings and the feelings of others which will help them to better control their emotions and be more accepting of their peers.  During guidance time we will be covering  Second Step lessons about understanding feelings and emotions.  Students will look at facial expressions, tone of voice,  body language and situational clues to better understand how others might be feeling.  Students will also be looking at  ways that they can  identify their own feelings by noticing physical clues that happen within their own body. We will also discuss different  strategies for managing feelings in appropriate ways.

We will do this through books, activities and lesson discussions.  This week we read “The Way I Feel” and role played different feelings to support the lesson.

Our Core Value this month is Respect, which fits in with our guidance lessons regarding respectful listening and understanding differences in emotions. You can help support their understanding of respect by asking questions such as:

  1. How can you show respect for yourself?
  2. How do you show respect for your friends?
  3. It is also helpful if you share something that they do that you consider respectful.

Dana Purpura
CAC School Counselor

Important Dates

September 19 - Peace day assembly at 8am in the main gym for all students, please wear white or last years Peace Day t-shirt if you have one, thanks!
September 21 - Islamic New Year holiday (No school for students)
September 25 - Early Release Day - All students will be released at 11:30am
September 28 - Health records due to the health office

If you have any questions or feedback for the first grade team please don't hesitate to contact us.

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