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Week 5: September 10th - September 14th

Welcome to another great week of learning in first grade.

Assembly & House Event School Bag Reminder:

Please parents continue to encourage your child to place their bag neatly on the colored tape for their class each Tuesday morning when we either have assembly or a house event.

1M - Blue

1S - Red
1C - Green

Help us to stay safe by placing your backpack in the correct spot!

What will we be learning this week?


This week our first grade readers will continue to learn more about how reading helps us to grow. Students will learn that when we feel confused in our stories we stop and then try to make sense of what we've read, we don't let ourselves stay confused because we may miss something exciting in the story. Students in first grade will also learn about different ways in which they can talk to each other about their books focusing on similarities and differences and comparing what 'movie' each partner made of their book and how it matched the pictures and words.

Teaching Point 11 - Students will learn to stop and try and make sense of tricky parts in their books and not to stay confused. They will learn different strategies of how they can use the pictures and familiar words in their stories to make sense of what they have read.
Teaching Point 12 - Students will reflect on what their books taught them and how it made them think differently. They will ask themselves "how did it connect to my life?"
Teaching Point 13  - Students will work with reading partners to make a 'movie' in their minds. As each partner is sharing their 'movie' the other partner is thinking about what is happening with the pictures and words and weather this matches what their reading partner is sharing.


This week during writers workshop we will continue learning how to write small moment stories.

Teaching Point 9 - When writers bring their stories to life they tell them in small steps making sure they include all details.
Teaching Point 10 - Writers will learn how to bring their stories to life by including what their characters are feeling and thinking.

Teaching Point 11 - Students will learn how to make their stories come to life. They will unfreeze their characters by making them move and talk.
Teaching Point 12 - Students will learn how to use familiar words that they already know how to spell to help them spell new words that have the same familiar sounds.

Writing Folders

Last week students spent time decorating their writing folders with pictures they had brought from home. These pictures have been a great help to students coming up with their small moment stories and all the little details that happened that can help bring their stories to life. 


5-group cards
Lesson 12 - Students will learn to solve add to stories to solve number problems using their 5-group cards to help.

Lesson 13 - Students will create stories that make equations that have the 'add to' part missing or the 'result' missing. Students will use number bonds and 5 group pictures to illustrate their understanding of their number stories they create for each problem.

Lesson 14 - Students will count on up to 3 more using numbers, 5-group cards and their fingers for tracking the change. Students will also learn to count on from the biggest number.
Lesson 15 - Students will continue to develop and build on from yesterday's learning.
Topic D Parent Tips


Your child's Mathletics account is activated and is a great way for our first graders to practice their math fluency and concepts that have been taught in the classroom. We recommend just ten minutes a day.


During science this week students will review what we learnt with our expert gardner last week and come to a conclusion about what plants grow well in Egypt. Students will make a class graph of the different types of plants they would like to grow here at school and then each class will have the opportunity to plant their chosen plant outside in the grade one planting boxes. 
Our grade one scientists will each have a science journal where they will record all their findings, measurements and changes over the coming weeks to their class plants.

Questions for our plant expert

First graders reflecting on what they learned with plant expert 

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal:

It has been noticed across Grade One that students are coming to school often tired and hungry. Please encourage your child go to bed early each night to get enough rest for school the next day and to eat a big breakfast each morning, as it can be a long wait till 10am when morning snack is scheduled. 

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

With the unpredictable nature of our day to day lives, preparing and packing a healthy lunchbox can be a difficult task. Finding time to shop and prepare interesting and healthy meals for school lunches can be stressful. But the foods we send to school with our kids can contribute up to 1/3 of their daily intake of nutrients. So its important to pack a balanced snack and lunch to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need throughout the day. Please click on the following link to learn more about fun recipes you can make for your child's lunchbox to ensure their nutritional needs are being met: healthy lunchbox ideas

ES Photo Week

During the week of  September 11- September 14 a professional photographer will photograph each student individually as well as take a class group photo. Parents will have the option of selecting one of the packages outlined on the envelope that will be sent home this week.
To order photographs, write your child’s name and class code on the envelope and check the package you would like to order. It is necessary to fill out a SEPARATE ENVELOPE FOR EACH CHILD IN YOUR FAMILY. Please include the money in the envelope and send it back to school in your child's take home folder before the day of their photograph.
1S - Monday, September 11
1M - Wednesday, September 13
1C - Wednesday, September 13

After School Activities Start This Week:

Parents this week sees the start of after school activities. We will be reminding students tomorrow during school time to please go to the lunchroom on their first day of their chosen activity and then every week after they will go directly to where their activity takes place to meet their teacher. Students who have production and swimming will go directly to the drama room and to the pool area.

A Note From Our Peace Day Committee:

Dear Parents,
The ES Peace Committee is planning a bake sale after school on Sunday, September 17th.  Our theme this year is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.” We are trying to build peace through meaningful actions such as raising money for the National Cancer Institute. If you are willing to participate in this Peace Bake Sale, please let your son/daughter bring their baked goodies in the morning to the ES Office on Sunday, September 17th.  If you wish to help in the sale, this would be greatly appreciated. You can contact Basma Salem  to volunteer for the sale after school by the lawn area.

We are encouraging our students to eat healthy snacks so we expect goodies to follow the same criteria. (muffins, banana cakes or bread, cup-cakes or brownies without extra chocolate and sugar icing are the best choices). Items will be sold for 15 L.E. each.
Your contribution always makes a difference.
The Peace Committee - PIPS (Partners in Peace)

Message From The Principal:

Principal's Coffee
September 11 @ 8:00 - 9:00AM
Elementary Hall

  • Welcome and beginning of year feedback
  • Elementary PTO liaison 
  • Challenge and Enrichment Specialist
"Come and meet Selena Gallagher, our new Challenge and Enrichment Specialist. Selena will share some information about our philosophy and approach to meeting the needs of our highly able learners, share some advice for parents about nurturing children's talents at home, and answer any questions you may have." 

Mark your calendars:
  • Christy Curran reading writing workshop for parents, October 11
  • Kg - Grade 2 reading and handwriting workshop, October 30 (repeated session from 16/17)

A Message From Girl Scouts!

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 12.09.08 PM.png
 The Cairo council of USA Girl Scouts Overseas is delighted to announce that we will be hosting Grade 1 Daisies again this year!  Girl Scouts is open to all girls attending or affiliated with CAC. You don't have to be American or have previous experience with Girl Scouts.  Meetings are conducted in English and will reinforce the themes of leadership, adventure, and experience-based learning.  While Girl Scouts of the USA draws from American culture, we have adapted our activities to reflect the girls' experiences living in Egypt, and welcome input from girls from other nationalities.

For more information, please contact G1 Daisy troop leader Hilary Ayer at . Meetings will be Sundays twice monthly 6-7:25pm at the CAC ES library. First meeting is the 10th so don't delay!

Important Dates
September 10 -14 - ES Photo week
September 17 - Peace Day Bake Sale
September 19 - Peace Day assembly
September 21 - Islamic New Year holiday (No school for students)
September 28 - Health records due to the health office

If you have any questions or feedback for the first grade team please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your Partners in Learning
Taryn Carr (
Gaby Morales (
Charlie Saunders (

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