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Week 7: September 24th - September 28th

Welcome to another great week of learning in first grade. I hope you all had a relaxing long weekend and are ready for a new week. Here are some of the highlights from last week.

Peace Day Assembly

"What is peace?"

Grade one students measuring and observing their plants

Assembly & House Event School Bag Reminder:

Please parents continue to encourage your child to place their bag neatly on the colored tape for their class each Tuesday morning when we either have assembly or a house event.

1M - Blue

1S - Red
1C - Green

Help us to stay safe by placing your backpack in the correct spot!

What will we be learning this week?


This week our first grade readers will learn: 
Teaching Point 19  - Reading partners can push ourselves to think about the big things we learned from the books. Partners will ask each other why do you think that happened? What made that character say that?

For the remaining days of this week readers will be celebrating all the work they have done to establish good reading habits inside the classroom. Students will reflect on what it means to read with a buddy, what are helpful strategies to use when decoding and understanding tricky parts in our books, and how can we continue to build reading stamina so that we become strong readers. As part of our celebration each class will have the opportunity to visit a KG class to demonstrate what good readers do while they are reading to themselves and with a buddy. All the grade 1 students are excited to share their ideas with our younger learners so that they can become stronger readers at school and at home too.


This week our first grade writers will be learning how to follow an editing check list in order to publish our favorite small moment stories for our school community to read. First grade writers will be working hard all week to be ready to celebrate their personal narrative ("Small Moment" or "watermelon seed stories") on Thursday, September 28th. 
Each student is excited to show you how they have developed as a writer by using action, describing words, and even speech in their small moment stories.  We hope you will all be available to come and help your child celebrate their success as a 'small moment' writer.

Teaching Point 17 - Continue focusing on mentor texts and 'craft' moves that authors use to make their stories come to life.
Teaching Point 18 - Using all we know to revise our stories such as adding more details, speech, feelings and thoughts.
Teaching Point 19 - Editing with a checklist.
Teaching Point 20 - Publishing a favorite Small Moment story from our folder.

      Parents are invited 
Please come and listen to us read our chosen small moment stories.

When: Thursday, September 28
Time: 2:10 - 2:45
Where: In our classroom

Hope you can make it!


Lesson  20 - Apply the commutative property to count on from a larger addend
Lesson  21 - Visualise and solve doubles and doubles plus one with 5 group cards.
Lesson  22 - Look for and make use of repeated reasoning on the addition chart by solving and analyzing problems with common addends.
Lesson  23 - Look for and make use of structure on the addition chart by looking for and coloring problems with the same total.
Lesson  24 - Practice to build fluency with facts to 10


Your child's Mathletics account is activated and is a great way for our first graders to practice their math fluency and concepts that have been taught in the classroom. We recommend just ten minutes a day.
Reminder that there is a mathletics app you can download for your child to use at home. 


During science this week students will continue to record the changes they see taking place outside in their garden. Emphasis will be placed on each student  making accurate measurements with rulers and labeling pictures and recording observations using scientific language. Students will also plant beans in ziplock bags and predict what will happen when they are taped to the classroom window? 

How to encourage your child to show empathy to others?

Empathy is at the heart of what it means to be human. It’s a foundation for acting ethically, for good relationships of many kinds, for loving well, and for professional success later on in life. And it’s key to preventing bullying and many other forms of cruelty. Empathy begins with the capacity to take another perspective, to walk in another’s shoes to perhaps feel what a lonely child is feeling on the playground or another child who is being bullied. It’s about perspective-taking and compassion. If you would like to learn more about how you at home can cultivate empathy within your child at school and in the home then please click on the following article for some great tips and suggestions:

Respect Celebration:

This Thursday, September 28th the Elementary School will be celebrating September's core value, 'Respect' by having a banner walk to celebrate each other's diversity within our community. The celebration will be taking place on the ES lawn from 2:40pm - 3:05pm. 

Important Dates
September 25 - Early Release Day - All students will be released at 11:30am there will be no ASA's on this day.
September 26 - House event, please have your child come dressed in their house colors on this day.
September 28 - Writing Celebration in each classroom from 2:10pm - 2:45pm.
September 28 - Health records due to the health office

If you have any questions or feedback for the first grade team please don't hesitate to contact us.

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