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December 17th - December 21st

Welcome to another busy week in first grade. As we lead up to the winter holiday students will have great opportunities this week to celebrate all they have learnt in Reading, Writing, and Social Studies. 

First Graders at the Book Fair


Readers Workshop

In readers workshop this week readers will be preparing for our reading celebration. Readers will work in partnerships to compare and contrast each others characters. Together they will discuss the similarities and differences between characters from one book to another and compare these to books we have read in the past.

Writers Workshop

In Writers workshop we will focus on editing and publishing our Realistic Fiction stories. Writers will have the opportunity to get together with their writing partner to share their stories and check they all have believable characters, settings, problems and solutions.  Writers will have the chance to create author pages for their stories and lastly our writers will get to celebrate all their hard work during our Realistic Writing unit by sharing their wonderful stories with their buddy class at the end of the week.

First Grade Writing partners in action


This week we are starting a new math unit about measurement. Students will learn about comparing lengths. We will learn how to make direct comparisons, for example, the crayon is shorter than the paper. We will also learn how to make indirect comparisons, for example, the rabbit is shorter than the dog, and the dog is shorter than the cow, so the rabbit must be shorter than the cow. Students will use the terms "shorter than", "longer than", "taller than" to describe the objects they are measuring. 
Lesson 1 Compare length and directly consider the importance of aligning end points
Lesson 2 Compare length using indirect comparisons by finding objects that are longer than, shorter than, and equal in length to that of a string.
Lesson 3 Order three lengths using indirect comparison.
Lesson 4 Express the length of an object using centimeter cubes as length units to measure with no gaps or overlaps.

Topic A Parent Tip Sheet
Topic B Parent Tip Sheet

Social Studies

This week students will be learning about how families have fun together. Students will learn about the different games/dances/songs that families do together to have fun. If you are still interested to come and share the games you do as a family then please contact your class teacher to make a time to come and share these ideas with your child's class this week.

How You Can Encourage Your Child To Read Over The Winter Holiday:

As the holiday season moves into full swing and kids are home from school, it's easy to get lost in the preparation and forget to keep children on a regular reading schedule. Please click on the below link to find out how you can encourage your child to read during the winter break:

Going Home Arrangements

If your child's going home arrangements change please let your child's classroom teacher know so that we can ensure your child heads in the right direction.

If your child's home arrangements change during the day please let your teacher know before 1:45pm (as that is when we come back to the classroom from third recess) as most times we don't have time to check our emails before students leave. Also please copy Mary Greiss  in the office and Lucy Hany, as they can call us in case we don't see the email.

First Grade practicing for the Winter Assembly, we hope to see you all here!

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday December 19th is a Thursday schedule, there will be no assembly on this day.

December 21st - ES students will have a combined house event with MS students. Please have your child come dressed in their house colors and appropriate footwear for some fun activities.

December 21st - Winter Celebration - Parents are invited to join their child's class from 1pm - 1:50pm for some fun classroom activities. At 2pm all parents are invited to join us on the ES lawn to enjoy our winter assembly.

December 22 - Winter Break Begins

January 14 - School Resumes

If you have any questions or feedback for the first grade team please don't hesitate to contact us.

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