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December 10th - December 14th

Welcome to another busy week in first grade. We are very excited about the book fair and all the other learning opportunities each day this week. Please take time to read what is happening this week both inside and outside of the classroom:

Book Fair


This year's Christmas Book Fair begins on Sunday December 10th in the Middle School Back Courtyard! Your child will be passing by the book fair with their class between Sunday the 10th and Thursday the 14th - the schedule for first grade is below. If you would like your child to shop during this time, please send cash (suggested: 300 LE) with them. Otherwise, the fair will stay open Sunday-Thursday after school from 3-5 so you can accompany your child or purchase for yourself. The book fair will feature 5 local book vendors with English and Arabic books for all age groups. Keep an eye out for posters about our after school book signing events ('Happy Belly' author Yasmine Nazmy on Wednesday!!) On Thursday the 14th, a Mini Christmas Bazaar will open up alongside the book fair and the Booster Club will join us with hot chili from the snack restaurant and CAC gear on Sale!

First Grade Classes Will Attend The Book Fair On:
1C:  9:00 - 9:30 on Tuesday, December 12
1S:  10:00 - 10:30 on Tuesday, December 12
1M: 8:30 - 9:00 on Tuesday, December 12


Readers Workshop

In readers workshop this week are continuing with our unit, Readers meet the Characters
Essential Questions:
  • How can I use what I know about the characters to help me read with expression.
  • How can I read in a way that helps me know how the characters are feeling.
Our first grade readers will be exploring what characters do in books and what this teaches us about them. We will also be paying close attention to character feelings and if they change in the book.

Teaching Point 17 - Readers will discuss in partnerships how their characters are feeling throughout their stories and then show evidence in their books where these feelings can be found.
Partnership work - Partners will continue to work together to understand each others character's feelings and actions through discussion about the main events that happen in their stories.
Review - Readers will review all they have learnt so far about making connections to their characters through their feelings and actions. Readers will refocus on reading actions and feelings with expression in their voice.

Writers Workshop

In Writers workshop we will continue to write Realistic Fiction stories.

Essential Questions:
  • What makes a good story?
  • How can I use what I know about letters, sounds, and words to write words the best I can?
First graders will be doing lots of pretending, making up characters, thinking about settings and imagining realistic adventures these character can have.

This week writers will be focusing on adding more details to their beginning, middle and end of their story. Writers will review:
*  Who their characters are, are they believable?
* Where their setting is, have you added enough details?
* What their problem is, is the problem believable?
* What was the outcome/solution to their problem? Is it believable?

Lastly writers will make sure they have added enough details to describe these parts of their story making sure their reader is not confused, they will do this in their partnerships.


This week in math we will finish topic D. Students will be counting on or taking from ten to Solve Result Unknown and Total Unknown Problems. This week we will be finishing module 2 so students will spend some time reviewing what they have learnt in this math unit so they are prepared for their end of unit assessment.

Lesson 28: Solve addition problems using 10 as a unit and write 2 step solutions.
Lesson 29: Continue to solve addition problems using 10 as a unit and write 2 step solutions.
Review: Students will review module 2.
End of Unit Assessment

Topic D Parent Tips

Social Studies

Thank you to those families that have been having "dinner plate conversations" at home, we have all been enjoying very rich conversations in class about what students have discussed with you at home. A special thank-you to the parents who have come to each of our classrooms to share and explain about their culture to the students, we know that all our students have enjoyed this learning time. We will still be learning more about student's cultures next week as we look forward to hosting more parents in our classrooms to share more about their wonderful cultures and heritage.

As well as learning from parents students will have the opportunity to research using books, computers and pictures about different cultural heritages around the world. They will answer questions such as:
- Where do families come from (countries, regions)
- What languages do they speak there?
- What special celebrations do they have?
- What foods are eaten there?
- What special songs are part of that culture?
- What clothes do people wear there?

Next week we will be learning about how families have fun together. If you would like to share different games/dances/songs you do as a family to have fun then please contact your class teacher and make a time to come and share these ideas with your child's class.

How Can You Slow Down & Be More Content As A Family?

Now days we are so busy with our day to day schedules and after school/work commitments that it can easily become overwhelming for children and parents alike to find time to just 'be' together. With a few simple changes to your daily routines you can find more unhurried time to be together. Please click on the below link for more tips on how you can do this:

Going Home Arrangements

If your child's going home arrangements change please let your child's classroom teacher know so that we can ensure your child heads in the right direction.

Important Dates to Remember

Sunday 10th December - Thursday 14th December: CAC Book Fair MS back courtyard.
Tuesday 19th December - Thursday Schedule

If you have any questions or feedback for the first grade team please don't hesitate to contact us.

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