Sunday, January 14, 2018

January 14th - January 18th

Welcome back to school everyone! We hope everyone had a wonderful winter vacation and enjoyed time with family & friends. The teachers are excited to see all the students and to hear about what everyone got up to during their winter vacations.
We have a busy first week back at school as we are starting 3 new units of work in reading workshop, writing workshop, and social studies. Please read below to find out what the students will be learning about this week at school:

Curriculum Corner

Readers Workshop

Essential Questions:

1) What reading strategies can we use to make sure our reading looks right, sounds right and makes sense? 

2) What can readers do to make sure they understand what they have read? 

This week in readers workshop students will be learning how to be the BOSS of their own reading. They will be learning to stop at the first sign of trouble and use their toolbox of strategies. We will be revisiting strategies that readers use when they encounter problems in their books such as tricky words or confusing parts. Not only will students be using strategies such as sounding out words and using the illustrations to help decode meaning but students will also use their reading partners to help them understand their books better. Students will work on recognizing what they do well to solve tricky parts in their books and identifying what strategies they can develop more to become better readers. 

Writers Workshop
Essential Question:
1) How can I use writing to share my opinion?

This week in writers workshop students will learn about sharing their opinions in their writing either through "I like", "I dislike" or "I think that.." students will learn that once they have stated their opinion they need to reinforce this with many reasons stating why they like, dislike, or think the way they do. Students will begin to understand that the more examples and reasons they share with their readers the more likely their reading audience will be convinced of their arguments or opinions.


This week students will get an introduction to the idea of a length unit, taking the concepts of longer than and shorter than to a new level of precision. We will lay centimeter cubes end to end along the length of an object with no gaps or overlaps. Then we will learn that the total number of cubes represents the length of that object in centimeters. Finally, we will compare lengths by using statements such as, “The pencil measures 10 centimeters. The crayon measures 6 centimeters. So the pencil is longer than the crayon.” 

You can expect to see homework that asks your child to do the following: ▪ Measure objects by using centimeter cubes, and then complete comparison statements about the relative lengths of the objects. ▪ Measure objects by using centimeter cubes, and order the objects from shortest to longest. ▪ Use the RDW process to solve word problems about length.

Social Studies
Essential Question:
1) How do families grow and change over time?
Our new unit for social studies is called: "Families Past and Present". During this unit students will come to understand that families are diverse in where they live and how they live. Students will learn that family structures grow and change over time. Students will recognize that how families lived in the past is different to how they live now and these past lifestyle experiences can be passed down from generation to generation to help how we live and operate today.
This week students will be learning about timelines and how a timeline shows how families or groups of people change over time. Students will have opportunities throughout this week to make a class timeline showing how their class has changed since the start of the year to now, school wide timeline showing important events in the life of CAC, and personal timelines showing the events in their own life and when they happened.

Social Studies Homework:
As we are learning about timelines we would like for each student to write down at home important events that have happened to them - for example: birthday, moving country, starting school, important holidays, swimming medals, soccer trophies etc. Please have your child bring this to school with them on Sunday, January 21st in their take home folder.

Science Up-date:

During our last week of school, before the winter vacation, we had a small science celebration to highlight all the students hard work maintaining and caring for their plants outside. The students had an opportunity to pick some tomatoes and basil and then eat this on some crackers outside in front of our Grade One plant boxes. The students had a lot of fun reminding themselves of what they had learnt during our first science unit and they really enjoyed getting to eat and enjoy the 'end product' of what they had planted:

ASAs Resume This Week:
Just a reminder that ASA will resume  this week. Gr.1-5 students go to their ASA locations just as they did before the break.

Important Dates to Remember:

January 16th: ES House Event - Please wear your house colors
January 24th:  Early Release Day - All students dismissed at 11:30am.
January 25th: Public holiday - no school.
January 30th: 1C Assembly

Again welcome back to school, we look forward to catching up with you all throughout the week.
If you have any other questions or concerns about this week please don't hesitate to contact your classroom teacher.

Your Partners in Learning,
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