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Week 12 October 29th - November 2nd

Thank you parents for reading this week's First Grade News. Last week we had quite an exciting week with our class halloween parties and the costume parade, great job to all the students for their active participation during this spooky time! This week we have another exciting week of learning, please read below what we will be exploring in classes:



This week in first grade we will be closing up our Nonfiction unit in reading. Our students have learned to navigate their informational books by looking at all the text features when comparing and contrasting topics with their partners. As we finish up the unit, we are going to continue to practice our reading strategies to become more fluent readers. We will also begin to read some fiction books during our Read Alouds in preparation for our "Readers Meet the Characters" unit that will begin next week. We can't wait to get started!

TP18: Compare and contrast information from non fiction texts. Students will use sentence prompts such as: "on the page/but on this page", "I think in this book/but in this book...", "The difference between this book and that book is...", "What's the same about these two books is..."

TP19: Listening with our ears, eyes, and body we can learn about different topics from our reading partners.

End of Unit Celebration Preparation.


This week, our first grade writers will practice all the skills that they've learned so far to complete the teaching books that they've started by: adding more details, adding craft moves, and using a checklist to edit their books step-by-step. At the end of the week, we will meet with our other grade one classes to celebrate and teach each other about a topic we have been working on during our non fiction unit.

TP18: Using craft moves we learned during our small moment unit such as speech bubbles and pop out words we can grab our readers attention.

TP19: Editing checklists -  students will focus on checking their non fiction writing for spelling, capitals, end marks, spacing,  and no capitals in the middle of words.

End of Unit Celebration Preparation


This week our students will be using the “make ten” strategy in different ways to solve problems. They will be using 9 and 8 as addends, and comparing/contrasting problems, to find out how making ten helps them to be more efficient in solving problems. They will also be looking at problems to make true number sentences that match their problem statements. At home you can support your students by: Continue to practice finding partners for any given number, e.g., how can we make 8? 10? • Talk about how we can find “tens” in other, larger numbers • Make up and discuss short story problems that involve simple addition and subtraction.

L 5: Compare efficiency of counting on and making ten when one added is nine
L 6: Use the commutative property to make 10
L 7: Make 10 when one addend is 8
L 8: Continue to make 10 when one addend is 8
L 9: Efficiency of using the strategy of making 10 on a 10's frame as opposed to counting on

 Parent Tips Topic B


We started our unit last week, and our first graders were so excited about getting the family conversations started. We drew our family members and read different books about different families, learned a fun song and had very interesting discussions. On Thursday, we sent our “dinner plates”, to promote the conversation at  home about your own families and the rules and roles that they have in place. We hope that you had a chance over the weekend to talk to your children about it, as we will be sharing everybody’s findings this week. We truly appreciate your support!

Shadow Puppet Show:

This Monday students in the ES have the opportunity to view a puppet show in the school's theatre. Students will attend this puppet show with their class and be dismissed from the ES lawn at 11:30am to go home. A little bit about the show is as follows:

The performance is adapted from the homonymous illustrated book (published in Brazil in 2016) using the language of shadow puppets, by the book's authors: Egyptian-Brazilian writer Habib Zahra and Spanish visual artist Valeria Rey Soto.  Valeria plays the violin and melodica while Habib manipulates the shadow puppets, which talk, walk and dance, not only on the screen, but also on the walls, floor, and ceiling. The language of the show will be Portuguese.

The plot: Mr. Biu is an old man who does not let his age nor death end his joie de vivre. Despite living alone and being the target of much criticism and envy, he lives smiling and dancing, cheerful and carefree. He's got music, dancing and, above all, an acute awareness of his deep connection with nature.  One day, Death decides to come fetch him. But, upon arriving at the old man's house, she is received in a totally unexpected manner...

What Is Screen-Time Really Doing To Children:

Many parents are under the belief that technology and gadgets are essential for a child's development, but can you go too far? How much time should a child spend in front of a screen? Is the amount of time your child spending on technology affecting their concentration and mood? These questions and more are addressed in the following article:

Important Dates:

Sunday October 29th: Story Telling workshop for parents in the Grade 1 common room at 8:30 - 9:30am.

Monday October 30th: K-2 Handwriting and Reading parent session in the Grade 1 common room at 8:00 - 9:00am.

Monday October 30th - Early release day - Students will be sent home at 11:30.

Tuesday October 31st - House Event - please come dressed in your house colors

Wednesday November 1st will be a Monday Schedule

Wednesday November 1st -  21st Century Libraries for Parents: Digital Citizenship 8:00 am to 9:00 am, MHS Library

Wednesday November 1st - Parent Map Session 9:00 am - 9:30 am, MS Room 115

If you have any questions or feedback for the first grade team please don't hesitate to contact us.

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