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Week 34 April 29th - May 3rd

Thank you so much for reading our weekly news. We are looking forward to another great week of learning with the Grade One students. This week will be a four day week due to Labor Day on Tuesday, May 1st.

From the Curriculum Corner:

READING WORKSHOP: Read About Science Topics
The Essential Questions are:

1) How can I learn about science through reading?
2) How do different texts help me get information about the same topic?
3) How can I become an expert about a science topic?

This week we will continue to learn from non fiction books. The students are enjoying learning from a variety of different information books and sharing their understandings with their reading partner. Students continue to look for main ideas and ask questions to deepen their understanding.

WRITING WORKSHOP: Science Informational Writing

The Essential Question is:
1) How can I write like a scientist to inform my reader?

This week students will learn to how to record information using labels, captions, sketches, and precise scientific language. They will learn how to add details and to elaborate on sketches already drawn. Student will learn to use the scientific method to write up 'lab reports. They will write using a step by step process giving clear and precise language for their readers to follow.

MATHPlace Value, Comparison, Plus and Minus to 100

The essential questions for our mathematicians in this unit are:
-What are efficient ways to count?
- How does counting by tens and ones help you count larger numbers?      
- What is place value?
- How does a digit's position affect it's value?
- How can numbers be expressed and compared?
- In what ways can numbers be composed and decomposed?

This week students will begin to use vertical alignment to add two-digit numbers. Students will also continue on from last week and add a pair of 2 digit numbers when the ones digit has a sum less than or equal to 10. Students will use drawings to add a pair of 2-digit numbers, when the ones sum is greater than 10. We will align the drawing vertical and record the sum below. Students will be introduced to the model of using the place value chart with a vertical alignment to add these numbers, recording the new ten below. This week students will be encouraged to solve their problems by using quick ten drawings, as well as the standard algorithm. Lastly students will add a pair of two-digit numbers with varied sums in the ones and compare the results of different recording methods. 

Topic D  Please click on the link for parent tips for  Module 6 Topic D


Matter Manipulations: Solids and Liquids

Essential Questions:
1) How and why do scientists change matter?

As we continue learning about matter we will focus on the essential question, how and why scientists change matter? Students will continue to learn how to use the scientific method, questioning, making a hypothesis, observing and writing results and a conclusion. 

Experiment 5 : This week students will learn about mixing and dissolving. They will investigate what makes something dissolve and discuss reasons why when another liquid is added to another liquid it does dissolve or doesn't dissolve.
Students will complete the following experiments to further investigate what happens during the process of dissolving and mixing:

Investigating mixing and dissolving
Ask for predictions - Will the matter change? Why/Why not?
1. Students will add oil and water together and predict will the matter change? Why/Why not?
2. Students will add powdered food coloring and water together and predict will the matter change? Why/Why not?
3. Students will add powered paint and water together and predict will the matter change? Why/Why not?

Students will learn about the following language this week: mix, dissolve, mixture, and solution.


1C This week students will discuss friendship and cooperation. We will think about the qualities that we seek in friends and the skills involved in being a good friend. As a group we will also begin to think about responsible and ethical behavior and being aware or how our decisions affect others.

1M  This week we will have our last session on working collaboratively in teams to problem solve. Prior to starting the activity, we will talk about what are some of the things that could go wrong when trying to collaborate, and after they do the activity we will share things that they notices went well . 

1S This week students will continue to recognize and manage feelings that arise in the classroom and in the playground. Students will enjoy role playing different situations that can happen inside and outside the classroom and then practice the different ways to communicate these feelings so that they are effective to not only themselves but the people around them. 

ES Talent Show This Monday!

Tickets are on sale in Ms. Dolly's Room before school and during lunch/recess
Sunday, April 29th is the mandatory rehearsal for all ES Talent Show Participants from 3:15 - 5:15 in the CAC Theatre. Students may choose to go to their ASA first, then join us for the rehearsal.

For students wishing to attend the ES Talent Show, it begins at 5:30, on April 30th. They must be supervised/accompanied by a family member or authorized adult until 5:30.
The ES Talent Show team is working and responsible for the ES Talent Show participants in the Theatre on both days beginning from 3:15.

Bus Riders on April 29th and April 30th.
Ms. Ereeny has given our Motor Pool Manager all the ES Talent Show participant names. They know those students will not be on the buses both Sunday, April 29th, and April 30th.
If you are not an ES Talent Show participant but will remain on campus with a family member, on April 30th - the family must email Mr. Mohamed El Ghalban (Motor Pool Manager) at, so he is aware they will not be on the bus.

The Talent Show will be for ALL ACTS beginning at 5:30 - 7:30 on April 30th. The Show will end by 8pm. ALL ACTS must come to the Theatre at 5pm, performance ready.

ES Talent Show
April 30th, 2018
Tickets - 30LE per seat
Performances: 5:30-6:15
Intermission: 6:15-6:30
Performances: 6:30-7:15
The show ends at 8:00 pm

Thank you for your continued support. Please contact Ms. Dolly for any further clarifications or questions. ES Talent Show Team

End of year dates for students from the library

May 8-10 Used book sale
May 15 Last day for check out
May 22 Last day for classes; All books are due
May 29 Summer check out starts

Used Book Sale, May 8 to 10

We are getting ready for our annual used book sale, this year from May 8 to 10. We welcome donations of used books for all ages in saleable condition. This is a good time for departing families to dispose of books before packing. We will soon have a donation box at the front gate.

Important Dates to Remember:
April 30th   - ES talent show in the theatre
May 1st - Labor day - No School
May 8th - 10th - Used Book Sale

If you have any other questions or concerns about this week, please don't hesitate to contact your classroom teacher.

Your Partners in Learning,

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