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Week 31: April 8th - April 12th

Welcome back to everyone from what we hope was a relaxing Spring break with family and friends. We are looking forward to seeing the students and hearing about the different adventures of what they got up to during their holiday. Thank you so much for reading our weekly news.

Book Character Day:
This morning was a wonderful way to start back at school with our ES Library book character day. All the students looked wonderful in their graphic novel costumes:

From the Curriculum Corner:

READING WORKSHOP: Dramatizing Characters

The Essential Questions Are:

- How do you bring characters to life?
- What is the role of the director?

This week readers will be using patterns to infer different things about our characters, we will ask ourselves what our characters do over and over again in our books or what problems they face over and over again and make inferences based on this. Students will share their inferences during partnership conversations and act out important parts using expression and actions to bring their characters to life.

Writing Workshop: - From Scenes to Series: Writing Fiction

The Essential Questions Are:

- How can I use what I have learnt from other authors to help me?
- When I want to tell my story to other people, what steps can I take to revise my first draft to make it better?

This week students will use punctuation in their writing to let their readers know how to read their writing. For exciting sentences they will use exclamation marks, for questions and wonderings they will use question marks and for statements they will use periods. Students will use their illustrations to tell important details about their characters and what is happening in their stories.

Writing Celebration:

Next Wednesday, April 18th, at 2:30pm - 3pm each class will celebrate all the hard work they have been doing in our latest writing unit. All our writers are excited to share with you their book series. We hope you are able to attend and help celebrate all your child's hard work. This week you will receive personal invitations to this event in your child's take home folder so keep your eyes open for that.

Place Value, Comparison, Plus and Minus to 100

The essential questions for our mathematicians in this unit are:
-What are efficient ways to count?
- How does counting by tens and ones help you count larger numbers?
- What is place value?
- How does a digit's position affect it's value?
- How can numbers be expressed and compared?
- In what ways can numbers be composed and decomposed?

This week students are starting their last unit on Place Value. Students will solve compare with difference unknown problems as well as solving compare with bigger or smaller unknown problem types. By the end of the week students will use place value charts to record and name tens and ones in a two digit number up to 100.

Please click on the link for parent tips for Module 6 Topic A


Matter Manipulations: Solids and Liquids
Essential Questions:
1) How and why do scientists change matter?

As we continue learning about matter we will focus on the essential question, how and why scientists change matter?  Students will continue to learn how to use the scientific method, questioning, making a hypothesis, observing and writing results and a conclusion. Students will observe a reaction and think about how the ingredients have changed.

Experiment 3 Question : What will happen if we mix mentos with diet coke. Students will observe and record the reactions they see happen.

Circle Solutions:

1C This week we will continue to focus on friendship. We will role play how to be a good friend in different situations inside and outside the classroom.

1M  In 1M we have Community Circle on Sundays, so we will not have one this week.

1S  This week students will focus on becoming resilient and persevering when things get difficult or out of our 'comfort zone'. Students will work in groups to discuss ideas on how they can have a growth mindset when confronted with a challenging task either in the classroom or out in the playground. 

Egypt Festival:
Dear Parents,
Mark your calendar for our annual Egypt Festival on Thursday, April 19. We will celebrate our host country, Egypt through music, dancing, food and grade level activities connected to themes. To add to the spirit of the day we invite you to wear a galabeya or perhaps clothes that reflect Egypt.

Come sample a variety of Egyptian dishes. Freshly baked baladi bread (from our very own mud brick oven) will be on sale for ES students during their recess and for MS & HS. Our Egyptian Food Festival is free for all elementary students, parents, teachers, and staff. Students will have an activity related to their Egyptian Culture curriculum. Looking forward to a great cultural experience.

We need your help!

Parents are an important part of our Egypt Festival. We would love your help if you're available at either lunchtime or the bread selling booth. Please sign up to help us if you can.

Click here to volunteer

The Arabic and Egyptian Culture Department

Repeat Announcement: ES Talent show
The ES Talent show will be on April 30th at 5pmFor further in formation please click here

Important Dates to Remember:

April 18th 2:30pm - 3pm Writers Celebration in your child's classroom
April 19th - Egypt Festival
April 30th - ES talent show

If you have any other questions or concerns about this week, please don't hesitate to contact your classroom teacher.

Your Partners in Learning,

Taryn Carr (tcarr@cacegypt.org)
Gaby Morales (gmorales@cacegypt.org)
Charlie Saunders (csaunders@cacegypt.org)

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