Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 14

Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks first grade news. Last week we had a great week of learning and enjoyed a fabulous visit from Ken Nesbitt.
Listening to one of Ken Nesbitt's poems

Captivated first grade students

Great fun with Ken Nesbitt
Ken Nesbitt has a great website, Poetry4Kids where you can find over 100 funny poems to read together. While browsing the website I came across this article, 10 tips to engage reluctant readers. Enjoy!


Readers Workshop

In readers workshop this week are continuing with our unit, Readers meet the Characters
Essential Questions:
  • How can I use what I know about the characters to help me read with expression.
  • How can I read in a way that helps me know how the characters are feeling.
Our first grade readers will be exploring what characters do in books and what this teaches us about them. We will also be paying close attention to character feelings and if they change in the book.

Teaching Point 5 - Reading partners can coach each other as we read and tell our thoughts about the character.
Teaching Point 6 - Thinking about how the character feels.
Teaching Point 7 - Looking for clues that show us how the character feels and finding evidence for our thoughts.
Teaching Point 8 - Action words help us understand how our character feels
Teaching Point 9 - Using all our strategies to read tricky words.

Writers Workshop

In Writers workshop we will continue to write Realistic Fiction stories.

Essential Questions:
  • What makes a good story?
  • How can I use what I know about letters, sounds, and words to write words the best I can?
First graders will be doing lots of pretending, making up characters, thinking about settings and imagining realistic adventures these character can have.

Teaching Point 5:Realistic fiction writers have their characters get into pretend trouble.
Teaching Point 6: Writers develop a "can do" attitude and take charge of their own writing.
Teaching Point 7: Realistic fiction stories can have different endings.
Teaching Point 8: Serious writers get serious about spelling, using all we know to spell tricky words.
Teaching Point 9: Writers fix up their writing as they go.


This week in math we will continue with topic B. Students will be counting on or taking from ten to Solve Result Unknown and Total Unknown Problems

Lesson 13 : Solving word problems with subtraction of 9 from 10
Lesson 14-15 : Subtraction of 9 from teen numbers.
Lesson 16 : Relate counting on to making ten and taking from ten
Lesson 17 : Model subtraction of 8 from teen numbers.

Parent Tips - Topic B

Social Studies

In Social studies this week we will continue investigating our essential question, How are families similar and different?
We will be discussing how families care for each other.
Thank you to those families that are having their "dinner plate conversations". This is a very important part of our social studies unit as it helps students make connections with their own family. The dinner plates come home each Thursday for you to discuss over the weekend. Please note down any discussion points on the back of the dinner plate for your child to share with their classmates.

Culture and Heritage in your family
In a couple of weeks we will be discussing culture in our families. If you have some spare time, we would love to have you come and share about your culture. You could share things like music, food, clothes from your country.
Please let your child's class teacher know if you would be willing and they will arrange a date that suits you both.

Kids Day

Kid’s Day Parent Volunteers Needed

This year's Kids' Day will be held on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 from 8:00am to 11:30am. Students will then be dismissed at 11:30am for a long Thanksgiving weekend. This is a half day for CAC and Pre K-5 will be participating at the same time. For new parents to the school Kids’ Day is a fun-filled day in which they can show off their house spirit, participate in a wide variety of physical activities, and enjoy each other! The Elementary PE Department needs parent volunteers to help with the games and activities. You will be partnered up with an Elementary Teacher and teacher aide to help run an activity.  If you could volunteer on that day, please fill in the (google form) by Thursday November 16th at the latest.  Mr. Greene will contact you via e-mail with your assignment by Monday November 20th. Please mark your calendars with the date and time NOW!

Thank you, Phil Greene & Mark Mayfield

Important Dates to Remember

November 12 - After school activities session 2 sign up begins.
November 16 - ES production performance (5:30pm)
November 17 - ES production performances (1pm and 3:30pm)
November 20 - Service Staff appreciation lunch
November 20 - Math Workshop for parents (2-3pm)
November 21 - Field Trip
November 22 - Kids Day

If you have any questions or feedback for the first grade team please don't hesitate to contact us.

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